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 Tips From A Coral Gables Citizenship Attorney

Being a citizen of a country typically means you have the legal rights of those born in that country as well as the responsibilities that come with living there. If you were not born in the United States, but want to live here as a U.S. citizen, it is a lengthy and arduous legal process. You will certainly need the help of a Coral Gables citizenship attorney to guide you through it. Before you get started, keep these tips in mind from the immigration lawyers at Casais & Prias and your journey will be much easier.

Photograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

Plan For Delays

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is always running behind schedule and it can take months and sometimes over a year for your application to make its way through the system. Talk with your Coral Gables citizenship attorney to determine the average processing time for citizenship applications at your local field office.

File for U.S. Citizenship If You Have a Green Card

If you have a green card, you can usually apply for citizenship after 5 years. It is in your best interest to file your application as soon as you are able. Waiting to apply for citizenship will only lengthen your wait time or lead to other consequences. If you obtained your green card through marriage to a US citizen, you can apply for citizenship in three years if you are still married to and living with your US citizen spouse. Your Coral Gables citizenship attorney can tell you when you are able to submit your application if you hold a green card.

Be On Time

It is important that you are on time to all your USCIS appointments. If you are late for a meeting or interview at USCIS, it could result in complications and delays in your application process. If you miss an appointment, your application may be denied and you could run the risk of having to start the process all over again. If you have the help of a Coral Gables citizenship attorney, we will assist you by managing your appointments so your application stays on track.

Be Prepared

As part of the naturalization process, you will be required to attend an interview where it will be necessary for you to show the ability to read, write, and speak in English. The citizenship interview is an in-depth interview where the immigration officer inquires into your personal background including your marriage history, your children and parents, trips outside the United States, criminal history, your association with groups, clubs, and organizations, and much more. If you are unsure of how to prepare for your citizenship interview, a Coral Gables citizenship attorney can make you aware of all the laws pertinent to your situation.

These tips are only a few of the things you need to keep in mind when you are working toward becoming a U.S. citizen. As you can see, there are many details you will need a Coral Gables citizenship attorney to help you navigate. The knowledgeable immigration lawyers at Casais & Prias will offer you the personal service you need to get your application approved in a timely manner. We care about your situation and we are confident in our ability to help with any immigration issues you have. Contact us to set up your free case evaluation today. We are looking forward to helping you on your path to citizenship.

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