Content Guidelines

In order to post on this online magazine in Florida, you must… be a business in Florida.

We do not accept any business postings from outside of Florida.

  1. Posts must be at least 500 words
  2. Posts must inlude at least one image
  3. Posts can include up to 3 outgoing links
  4. Posts can include NAP and map embed
  5. We reserve the write to refuse to publish or to remove any post that does not follow these guidelines
  6. You can email us a Google Doc, with your ready-to-go post including (links to) images, and we will post it for you. Please include which category ( see below) and city for the tag
  7. If you plan to post fairly often we can create login details for you as a contributor
    1. Contributors can:
      1. upload images
      2. set status of post “for review” then we will approve and publish
      3. only access their own content
      4. Customize meta title and meta description
      5. Choose from 4 categories
        1. North Florida
        2. Central Florida
        3. South Florida
        4. West Florida
      6. We prepared some major cities you can use for tags, If you need an more added let us know
  8. Please compress any image before upload it and make sure it is the appropiate dimensions
  9. Only use one category and 1 tags per post
  10. You can include internal links if you wish.
  11. You can embed Youtube Videos but do not upload Videos into WordPress
  12. Post Type Suggestions:
    1. X things you didnt know about XYZ
    2. How to….
    3. What is….
    4. How John Smith grew his car wash business
    5. Local city news
    6. Press Releases
    7. announcements (new office location, new service, etc)
    8. Please speak with us first if you want to post about your own marketing agency

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If you have any questions, send us an email and we are happy to help.